Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Close of Another School Year

Today was awards day at the elementary school. This is Morgan and her classmates being silly.

Josh and his teacher Mrs. Sheets. What a wonderful teacher two of our children have had her and she is a great teacher. Josh received numerous awards but the one he was most proud of was the Presidential Fitness Award, he was the only person in the third grade at his school to receive it. He was very careful how he handled it because it even had the presidents signature on it. By the way he was also very proud of his perfect attendance award. I thought of Bill's experience giving this award for the last time at his School. If you don't know the story you'll have to ask Bill, it is absolutely hilarious.

Josh and his classmates being crazy.

Morgan receiving her award for being student council representative for her class.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Field Trip to The Ohio Historical Center

Today was a great day going with a group of 3rd graders to the Ohio Historical Center. We often here about the younger generation, in a negative light, but let me tell you my experience today was one with a great group of kids, teachers and parent chaperons. Yes the kids were lively and were anxious to get to the next exhibit or house but from my Point of View these are great kids.

The kids are in an undertakers office. An interesting fact he shared with us was about a little bell some people would buy to put on the outside of the casket then they would put a string on the inside of the casket connected to the bell just in case the deceased was not dead, they could ring the bell and someone would then let them out. They did this after discovering marks on the inside of several caskets where people had tried to get out and couldn't.

I had the privilege of being with Mitchell, Chase and of course my son Josh.

Here they are standing in front of an old fire engine.

This was probably their favorite exhibit a two headed cow, that's right a cow with two heads.

Experiencing an old school house lesson

Here they are in front of a military jeep.

Learning the household duties of the 1800's

When it's all said and done Boys will still be Boys!!!

I have shown you what we did and some great pictures of the boys, now let me tell you about one of my favorite exhibits. Yes it is the Bald Eagle exhibit. You may be thinking that's strange with all the unique things to see at the Historical Center you picked the Bald Eagle. I will try and explain my fascination with the Eagle in a few short paragraphs.

The Bald Eagle is my favorite animal not only because it is our national bird but the eagle has many attributes that are astounding to think about. Did you know that an eagles long sharp talons are very powerful? In fact each talon yields approximately 1000lbs of pressure per square inch. Did you realize that an Eagle can fly up to 45 MPH and they dive at speeds from 75-100MPH. Not only is the Eagle fast but they can soar to over 10,000 feet and fly for hours upon end without landing. The eyesight of an Eagle is absolutely astonishing they can spot a rabbit from up to 1 mile away. Eagle are very good swimmers. When an Eagle catches a fish that is to heavy to carry out by flying they will use their wings as oars and swim to shore with the fish still clinched in its talons. Finally did you know that Eagles are monogamous and keep the same mate for life. They will only select a new mate upon the death of their lifelong mate. So there are some neat facts about the eagle but why do I like them so much? Because I like to parallel our lives with the strength of an Eagle.

Do you have the vision of an Eagle able to see what you want out of life from far distances. Many times when it seems that you are far from your goal do you focus in on it like an Eagle focuses on his prey. When the goal gets in sight and you close in on it at lightning speed just like the Eagle diving for its prey do you then grab hold with a grip like an Eagle gripping the fish with its amazingly powerful talons, or do you close in on your dreams only to let them slip away? If your goal becomes to big for you to carry out of the water are you willing to swim ashore with your prize in tow? or do you give up and say I was made to fly I won't swim carrying this fish I should have chosen one I could carry.

Next time you see an Eagle or a picture of an Eagle I hope you draw strength from this awesome creature, I hope as you travel down the road of life that the Eagle can be an inspiration to you to keep on fighting, soaring above the clouds and above the storms of life just like the Eagle. And then as you lock in on your dream don't be afraid to dive at high speed and pick it up and become the person you were meant to be.

That's a small portion of why I like Eagles and that's My Point of View!